Connect more deeply to your intuition and inner wisdom with art, collage and embodiment practices. Experience the healing impact of creative depth coaching.

Are you ready to connect more deeply with yourself?


We are all creative, it is a natural quality of being human. Modern life is busy and this often means we get disconnected from our creativity. It often takes only a slight nudge to get us reconnected to our innate creativity. As we connect to our creativity, our natural intuition also emerges, providing us guidance, wisdom, direction, and ultimately, fulfillment. Working with our hands, sorting through images, putting images together and choosing colors activates this creative expression.
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Get in touch with what is hidden within, wanting to be noticed, to be held, to be expressed. Allow the wisdom within to speak, guiding you to walk the path that is led by your own deep truths.

What makes you feel safe, secure, settled? Alive, vibrant, whole? Perhaps no one has asked you that question, and if so, isn’t it time you explore the answers? We all deserve the serenity that is ours when we walk in our truth, and create a life that we have built ourselves, based on our own values, beliefs, and ways of being.

Creating a solid foundation of values based practices keeps us secure in a sea of constant bombardment in the modern world. Buy this! Take my free class! Look at my cool new car!

What is most important to you? Most relevant for you? What nurtures you and creates peace, calm and aligns you with your purpose?


Inner wisdom and guidance await you.

Connect more deeply to self, others, the earth, and to all that is.

Creative Depth Coaching is powerful.

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I offer 1:1 coaching as well as group workshops

Creative Depth Coaching

Creative Depth Coaching®

An opportunity to work with and explore what’s up and relevant for you in a range of mediums and modalities, all geared to your specific preferences in what is found to be relevant, useful or meaningful.
Cosmic Smashbooking

Cosmic Smash Booking®

This unique art as process practice bypasses the linear mind and provides an outlet to sort through conflicting emotions and life events in a fun and creative way that brings insight and increased clarity.
Creative Depth Coaching


A tried and true art as process collage method with a strong foundation and a large dedicated following. It brings insight, clarity, wisdom and a deepened connection to intuition.
Creative Depth Coaching

Art as Process

A very satisfying process that utilizes the subconscious to speak, bypassing the linear mind, accessing sometimes long-hidden gems of truth. JourneyCircles®, Moon Circles® and Creative Depth Coaching®

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