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I offer 1:1 coaching as well as group workshops in SoulCollage®, Cosmic Smash Booking® and Creative Depth Coaching® as well as Counselling.
Explore the stories that influence your experience in life.

Get connected to inner wisdom.

Step into a new story, one you intentionally create.

Move forward with clarity and vision.

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A full description of the courses I offer can be found below. You can find my upcoming offerings on the Schedule page.

Soul Collage with Michele Cipressi

Creative Depth Coaching®

Creative Depth Coaching provides an opportunity to work with and explore what’s up and relevant for you in a range of mediums and modalities, all geared to your specific preferences in what is found to be relevant, useful or meaningful.

Working with paint, collage, poetry, journaling, sculpture, doll making, narratives, somatic listening, psychospiritual teachings and more, a collaborative process evokes what is wanting to be heard, held or released to emerge and be recognized with support.

I utilize all of my training in my coaching methodology; attachment theory, trauma theory, use of somatics and body awareness, art as process, and more. How can I support you to identify what you need to help you move forward in your life in the best way possible? Let’s explore that together. This is the essence of my work.

Cosmic Smash Booking with Michele Cipressi

Cosmic Smash Booking®

Intentional Creativity®, a process developed by Shiloh Sophia McLeod and her mentor Sue Hoya Sellars, meets art journaling, as developed into Cosmic Smash Booking® by Catt Gellar.

This unique art as process practice bypasses the linear mind and provides an outlet to sort through conflicting emotions and life events in a fun and creative way that brings insight and increased clarity.

I love this method as it is so incredibly accessible, anyone can do it and the materials cost less than $12/person to get started.

Creative Depth Coaching with Michele Cipressi


This is a tried and true art as process collage method with a strong foundation and a large dedicated following. I have been practicing this method for over 20 years and it brings insight, clarity, wisdom and a deepened connection to intuition.

Discover the animal guardians that walk with you, discover parts of self that both challenge and illuminate you, connect with the archetypes that guide you in connecting to your deepest truth and gifts, honor the loved ones, with you now and passed over, and acknowledge their presence in your life, and connect to their voices of wisdom to guide you.

Moon Circles Art as Process with Michele Cipressi

Art as Process Creative Exploration

JourneyCircles®, Moon Circles® and Creative Depth Coaching®

Paint, collage, mixed media, doll making, sculpture, creating with found and nature objects, use of any medium to explore your personal material, to make it real, to transform it, to allow something to emerge that you have invoked to help you as you seek wisdom and clarity.

This is a very satisfying process that utilizes the subconscious to speak, bypassing the linear mind, accessing sometimes long-hidden gems of truth.

Moon Circles Art as Process with Michele Cipressi


  • Trauma
  • Loss
  • Grief
  • Narcissistic Abuse
  • Family Estrangement

As well as exploring how to move intentionally through:

  • Confusion/lack of clarity about life direction
  • Life Transitions

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Creative Depth Coaching® or Counselling Session:
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50 Minutes for $100
(Sliding Scale Rates Available– contact me for details)

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Michele Cipressi- Creative Depth Coach
Michele Cipressi- Moon Circles Guide
Michele Cipressi- Journey Circles Facilitator
Michele Cipressi-Soul Collage Facilitator


I offer both online and in-person workshops, covid restrictions permitting.

1:1 Coaching

Zoom and if possible, in person. Let’s discuss options.


$100/50 Minute Session
$120/1 hour 15 minute session
Please feel free to ask about sliding scale rates.

Michele Cipressi Creative Depth Coach